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In vino veritas

8 Kikodze St. Tbilisi

32 298 92 88 Official Website

General Description

In vino veritas - In wine there is truth - the healthiest name of all names indeed. Besides it's a Georgian-European Restaurant. Artist's touch can be felt in everything and do you know why? The interior design as well as the name of the restaurant belong to Robert Sturua (director) and Zaza Papuashvili (actor). Everything is handmade, fancy and unusual. Walls are made of old bricks. Bar room ceiling is decorated with carpets in Khevsurian style. On a high spot of the room, separated from the rest and surrounded by flowers a very old armchair is standing. A person whose anniversary is celebrated (and not only that person) is seated onto this armchair and receives congratulations from there. Oil painting is covering the whole wall next to the armchair. This is old Tbilisi, with a raft on the Mtkvari River, musicians and karachogelebi. The painting is huge and very nice. Red signature below says "Miro - 2000". This painting will soon find its place in a museum. Couple of steps down the stairs and you find yourself in another room (rooms are open, only the entrance, "coupe", toilet, kitchen and garden have doors). Red table-clothes, white plates, soft lights, and sweet piano music after 20:00 (live performance) helps you relax and concentrate on the menu. Whatever you chose will be very tasty here. You can't avoid specialty of the house In Vino Veritas, roast veal with nutmeg, wine and sour cream, sturgeon in Bazhe (walnut sauce) Chvishtari and etc. And if you also taste family wines (dry, semi sweet, sweet) your day wasn't spent in vain. And by the way, on a huge grill just in front of you shashlik is being prepared, the air is full of delicious smells and the personnel is very friendly and attending. In other words In Vino Veritas they know what to do and how. Open: Everyday, 11:00 -to the last guest 1. Kosher red wine (with certificate) 2. Birthday celebrations for kids, with professional clown and kids' menu (price from Gel 15) 3. We are accepting orders for New Year's Eve, music program according to client's wish (menu starting from Gel 30)

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  • Category

    Tbilisi » Restaurants

  • Activities


  • Products

    Georgian-European Cuisine

  • Features and services

    • Bar
    • Air conditioning
    • Phone
    • Local dishes
  • Specialities

    Business meetings,arrangement of celebration events, Every Friday at 21:00 - Latin Dance Evening

  • Location


  • Opening hours

    Everyday, 12:00 - till the last guest

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