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gorgasali st. 7, Tbilisi

322 30 30 30 Official Website

General Description

Do you know where to eat the tastiest Khinkali and where to have the quickest meal – in Maspindzelo!. This is the net of sakhinkle-restaurants with timely, though abundant services. Especially those people like to visit the restaurant, who love Georgian traditional, family cuisine and want to have relations with antiquities. Khinkali has quite a different taste here, like those twisted in Khevsureti and served while being hot… Khinkali here has 32 pleats as a symbol of the paths in Artodi, Shatili and Arkhoti. If you visit Maspindzelo! bambis rigshi in the evening, you will recollect “a taste” of real, good Georgian music.


Location on Map


  • Category

    Tbilisi » Restaurants

  • Activities

    Net of Georgian sakhinkle - restaurants with timely service

  • Products

    Traditional Georgian family dishes, Khinkali, Mtsvadi, Kebab

  • Environment

    Conceptual, Imeretian with modern elements in design

  • Features and services

    • Bar
    • Parking
    • Air conditioning
    • Phone
    • Local dishes
  • Specialities

    Maspindzelo Specialty dish

  • Location

    Old Tbilisi

  • Opening hours


  • No. stars


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