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29 Abashidze str, Tbilisi

322 30 30 30 Official Website

General Description

Vong - this is how the refectory of Eastern Emperor was called centuries ago. Vong - this is how a high class restaurant in Tbilisi is called today. Asia is not only the geography. In order to comprehend its essence, you should taste an unimaginable harmony of sour, sweat and bitter. The mixture of Vietnamese, Chinese and Indian aromas is a whole adventure for receptors. However, even an occasional guest of Vong will soon become an experienced expeditor because it is impossible to enjoy the feeling of time stopped in Vong's lounge and not to return back again.


Location on Map


  • Category

    Tbilisi » Cafés

  • Activities

    Asian cafe-restaurant

  • Products

    Asian fusion

  • Environment

    Eclectic, with Asian elements in design

  • Features and services

    • Bar
    • Parking
    • Air conditioning
    • Phone
    • Local dishes
    • Wifi
  • Specialities

    Black Codfish - Specialty dish

  • Location


  • Opening hours

    1pm – 2am (till last guest)

  • No. stars


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